Monday, 18 July 2011

Bouncy Key Bottleneck

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I can't write with a pen. No, that's not right. I can write perfectly well with a pen, I just don't 'like' to write with a pen. Never have.

Why? I always thought they were too darn slow. Handwritten essays were little more than torture via the medium of tediousness. I even try to avoid handwriting letters as I've usually lost interest by the end of the first paragraph. Actually, over the years I've come to a conclusion: it's not the pen's fault - my brain works too fast.

By the time my hand has etched the first line of symbols across the page, my brain has thought about six other ways of phrasing the sentence, edited it, corrected the spelling and has moved on to a different subject altogether.

You would think this would make it easier to write? Wrong.

With my mind bouncing around like Magic Roundabout's Zebedee I would have to constantly read what I had just written to remind myself what I was writing about. This, as you could imagine, slowed the whole process down further.

Typing is slightly better. The words flow out at a higher velocity and my typing speed is certainly above average, however even this has its own speed limitations.

To some extent the problem has grown over time. As experience persitently crept into my cranium and my development skills...erm...developed, it allowed me to instantly visualise a great deal more constructs, modules, classes and code that need to be on the screen. Getting all of this information from my neural synapses into the current choice of IDE by bouncing fingertips on worn lettered keys takes time.

I am sooooo looking forward to advances in neural input sciences!

Anyone else have the same issue? Or is it just freakishly me?


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