Thursday, 14 July 2011

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Today, I've decided, is the day I am going to start something bloglike.
Hardly a new concept by any stretch of the most limited of imaginations, although this blog is going to be unique.

'How can it be unique', I hear you scream in disbelief? It is going to be my thoughts, anguishes and (hopefully) accomplishments on the road to (again hopefully) write a successful android game.

'How is that unique?' you ask with incredulous suspicion. Well, as there is only one of me with my thoughts - that'll make it unique!

After some thought you irrelevantly retort, 'But, why is the world flat?' Which I shall ignore and explain that I'm doing this with the hope that it may help others setting off down a similar path, and secondly because my memory is not a good as it ever was and it'd be good to keep a record.

First off, the blog title. A cunning acronym for :

ANDroid GAMES DEVelopment BLOGgeroonie

I currently have a couple of fledgling projects released tentatively onto the android market under the developer name of 'Strangemoo'. (Please check them out, score them with five stars and rave about them in the comments section ;) ) It is these projects that I'll begin writing about as it's where 'I is at' with regards to java/android experience.

If you have any querys, concerns or quibbles that are approximately relevant to the blog then by all means, please ask.

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