Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kicking Back To The Community

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Using quality of products as a reflection of how good a community actually is then the Android platform is destined for fabulous times ahead.

Being an avid follower of many great 'tinterweb forums, my hat is doffed to the many great minds that regularly impart their almost limitless wisdom.

As a sign of appreciation to the wondrousness that is the android development community, I have vowed to release the source code of any of my projects as and when they reach 250,000 installs. (As the more established android games are hitting around 10 million then I thought this a reasonable figure.)

'So you're not giving us anything until then?' you cry in dismay.

Of course I will. Over the course of this blog I will be releasing concepts, techniques and snippets of code to help anyone who is facing the same problems I had and have found a work around.

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